6 month intimate, high-level Mastermind with 1:1 personalised calls, group support, unlimited voxer and email support and monthly guest experts for serviced-based entrepreneurs who want to build a purposeful and profitable freedom-based business without sacrifice.  

Time to have the business AND lifestyle you want. 

It's time to get crystal clear on your unique message, increase your prices, get fully VISIBLE, leverage your time + income and make BIG moves that matter ...because they DO. 

You've done courses, have loads of  information and have the foundation of your business but you are ready for an uplevel

You've sold some programs, you have your leadmagnet, a small email list + community and you know you want to scale your business to 6 - figures+ (like yesterday!) 

You know you're undercharging and undervaluing your services and you are ready to charge premium prices and help your clients get PREMIUM results!


Quit her 9-5 and $19,200 in 9 days

"When I started working with Vanessa I didn't know what business I wanted. In a short space of time she guided me to where I am today. The tools and content available are incredible. She is really strong with helping you change your belief system. I filled my group program without a sales funnel or website and had a $8200 weekend. I now have the systems and structures for consistent 5 figure months. If you are sitting stuck and want to create your own business will be able to help you to get to a place where you are happy and have your own freedom based business. I can't recommend Vanessa highly enough."

- Melodi, Marketing + Branding Strategist 
$188 to $8K in FIRST month of Supercharge 
"I prepared a launch, ebook and program and I put so much energy into it but it did’t go anywhere near the income goal I set. I felt like I was banging my head against the wall. I kept getting Vanessa’s emails and didn’t book a call for about a year. Within our first call things shifted, I changed my niche and now work with entrepreneurs to help them with their finances and taxes. I have been working with Vanessa for 6 weeks. I have a full time job and just bought another rental property so this isn’t my full time thing (yet). In February my net income was over $8K. Make an investment and get it back in ONE month (and then some) of a 6 month program. I am in the financial game and that is a pretty good return. Join the club because we are making moves!"

Brittney, Accountant + Financial Strategist 
5 High end clients in 8 days + quit her 9-5

" My business has sky rocketed  and allowed me to do what I wanted full time. I never thought this was possible for me. I didn't really have the self belief and money mindset which was really holding back. It felt like I was driving Vanessa is amazing at helping . Double size of mailing list in 4 days and got 5 high end clients in December, a month that I thought would be quiet. If you are looking to take your business to the next level I can't recommend Vanessa highly enough. She goes above and beyond. As a result so can your business."

- Emma, Bridal Body Coach
$30k week, 6 figure year, quit her 9-5 and increased prices by 800%

"I had been building my business for a few years but I was struggling to get paying clients and charge enough so that I could go full time. I was afraid to get visible and get on video. I was passionate and loved coaching but I didn't have the strategy or confidence at the time to move forward. Vanessa was instrumental in every aspect of my success. Since working with her my rates have increase, the discovery sessions I offer are filled every week, my 1:1 coaching is fully booked and I have an incredible group program. I have consistent clients and money in my business as well as the freedom and flexibility to live life on my terms. Investing in working with Vanessa has been the BEST investment in my business. " 

- Tanya, Transformational Business Coach 
So what if we got rid of the information overload, fears and fumbling around and put that knowledge and those strategies into practice so that you create the successful business you deserve
because we both know you have waited long enough!
Let’s face it what you need is to FOCUS your energy on the things that will bring you consistent clients, impact and freedom. 

You need to drop the "MORE IS MORE" mantra. And get strategic with your business. 

Building a business is an inner game (MINDSET) with the aligned action (STRATEGY). To thrive you need BOTH. 

A women who sets a powerful intention...ALWAYS gets what she wants. 
$12K week + quit her 9-5

"I had been working with major organisations implementing marketing strategies successfully but when it came to my own business I was struggling to move forward. I had been stuck for 2 years. Investing in coaching with Vanessa was the best decision I have made. I was excited and terrified at the same time. I made more progress in weeks. Do it scared - I was petrified. Fear is completely normal and you have to take action to move forward. The only thing I would have done is made the decision a lot sooner. I have acheived so much. Quit my 9-5, launched multiple price point packages, found my ideal clients, I have done challenges and Facebook lives. I was scared of putting myself out there and now have an incredible community. Do it scared - it will be the best decision you make in your business too " 

- Kathryn,  Marketing Strategist  
$5K week, $15K made in first 5 weeks and quit my 9-5

"I had a lot set up in my business and had done a few courses but I wasn't moving forward in my business. So much has shifted with my mindset and belief. I celebrated a $5K week without a huge following or list. It has been an incredible experience working with Vanessa and a powerful investment in my business and life " 

- Ashley, Business Success Coach
$24k week, 6 figure year, quit her 9-5 and group program launched

"What really sets Vanessa a part is her genoristy and she really cares about you and your business. She holds you accountable. My business went from floundering to flourishing. I have all the systems, tools and structures to be successful. I get consistent discovery calls booked and have consistent clients. She is a phenomonal mindset coach. She is incredible at reminding me about my money and success mindset. This has created a huge turning point in my business. If you are on the fence about joining her programs - go for it. Recognise that this is not only an investment in your business but in your life. I now have consistent 5 figures months, an incredible community of potential clients and my prices have increased by 300% " 

- Amanda, Business & Leadership Coach

$24k in 48 hours

 " I've honestly never had anyone really have my back like Vanessa does. It's incredible to have someone believe in you when you falter. In my first month of Supercharge I hit $24k. The group is incredible and the ladies are achieving amazing things

- Emma, Visibility + Messaging Coach
In a world where information is at our fingertips there is one thing that separates those that succeed from those that don’t.

TAKING INSPIRED ACTION. Getting the uncomfortable done so you can lead the EXTRAORDINARY life you were born to lead. Taking action in alignment with your goals, dreams and desires. 


1. Realising that everything can be created and achieved with the RIGHT mindset, strategy and implementation (for YOU) 

2. That when you TRUST in YOURSELF and create an unwavering belief that you become unstoppable. 

3. Realising that when you become the leader of your own life + create an incredible community of people that know, like and trust you, you become someone people want to work with

$2400 day + consistent clients in my business

"I didn't know how to clarify my message and get my program out to the world. I love how clearly everything is outlined and the support is incredible. The weekly call are very personalised. It has been shocking how quickly things have transformed. She does a lot of the mindset work and saw incredible shifts in a very short space of time. It has been amazing working with Vanessa and being apart of the community " 

- Robyn, Transformational Life Coach
Taken business to the next level

"I was stuck in a bit of rut in my business. We were seeking out women who were at a stage in business that we wanted to be and that is why we approached Vanessa. She helped us streamline our business and help implement a clear suite of programs. She has helped take us out of comfort zone to a place where it was a bit scary so that we can evolve and grow. She has certainly stretched us which has beee uncomfortable but it has forced us to do things that we were avoiding. I now enjoy going into the office instead of feeling overwhelmed. She has been motivating and supportive and worth every penny of the investment " 

- Amy, Marketing + Small Business Strategist
Clarity + confidence 

"It has been an amazing experience working with Vanessa. The most powerful shift for me has been around confidence and self-belief. I started out with a real fear of being visible, I’d been holding myself back, comparing myself to others and just doubting whether I could do it.

Now I’m regularly doing facebook lives and videos, I’m really seeing the benefits and I’m so excited to take things to the next level this year. The guest experts have all been incredible but the sales training was outstanding, after two hours rather than being nervous about conducting sales calls and worrying about being salesy I had the confidence of Beyonce and was looking forward to it.

The done for you resources have been invaluable, along with all the tech training I’ve received and just being able to contact Vanessa for help when I get stuck has helped enormously. Last but most importantly the support from Vanessa and the other amazing women in the group is just priceless. They really helped me through some tough times and there was so much knowledge and skills in the group." 

Carli, Nutritionist + Health Coach
$2,300 in 1,5 weeks 

"Before working with Vanessa I was struggling to make any money in my business. I couldn't believe how I was putting so much effort into NOTHING. Vanessa has helped me create a strategy to meet new clients, provided the support and accountability and helped me overcome some major blocks to my success. In ONE week, I made back my first payment of working with her. I then went on to launch my group program and within days I had 6 people sign up. I was so scared of investing but I am so glad I said "YES" to making it happen. " 

- Kenda, Metabolism and Weight loss coach

 Vanessa was instrumental in every aspect of my success. Since working with Vanessa everything in my business had changed. My rates have increased by over 300%, the discovery sessions I offer get filled every week, my 1:1 is almost completely full, my email list has increased 800% , and I have people booked into my new group program. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what I’ve learned, how I’ve grown as a coach, or the confidence I’ve developed along the way. We would be here all day if I told you all the ways that Vanessa has changed me and my life.  

Tanya Conner - Green, Transformational Business Coach

  •  You know you are meant for bigger things and you are ready to step into the women you came here to be
  •   You have a serviced based online business and you are passionate + knowledgable about what you do (you are OBSESSED with the work you do in the world and you want to get it out in a bigger way)
  •  You don't want someone to TELL you what you HAVE to do you want to be empowered to think, act and TRUST so that you always know the steps you need to take in your business. 
  •  You want to leverage your time + INCOME through launching low end to high end programs and increase your 1:1 prices and FEEL epic about those prices (no more undervaluing and undercharging on my watch) 
  •  You are ready for a major uplevel in life and business and to finally make the impact + money you were born to
(*This is only for action takers and go getters. Only apply if you are serious about investing + taking responsibility for BIG results*)

Clarity + Incredible Clients

"I had been struggling to get my business off the ground for a while. Vanessa was incredible calm, patient and encouraging and within a few sessions she helped me get clarity on what I was meant to do and build my business. I now have over 1000 followers on Instagram, I have been taken on by an agency, commissioned to paint a portrait, I have been hired for wedding, performances and Halloween make up, worked on a photoshoot and collaborated with a big nationwide department. I am grateful for the support and endless opportunities coming my way " 

- Louise, Make Up Artist
Confidence to charge premium prices + sold 2 program in weeks

"I have cut through the overwhelm and got crystal clear on my ideal client. I was nervous about the sales conversation but Vanessa helped me to have confidence in the sales call and close the sale without being push. Vanessa is incredible at cutting through any mindset blocks to help you move forward. You know she has your back. For anyone thinking of working with Vanessa don't waste anymore time.  " 

- Emma, Mindset + Confidence Coach
5 High end clients in 6 weeks

"I've been working with Vanessa for less than 2 months and already I’ve had such a huge shift in my business but most importantly, in my mindset. 

I now see my business as a professional fully fledged and growing business rather than the expensive hobby it was proving to be! Vanessa is so supportive, motivating and inspiring. She has given me amazing confidence in my ability and already in the time we have worked together I have booked 5 new high end clients. I know this is just the start. Thank you for being you Vanessa!"

-Francesca, Nutritional Therapist & Health 
Increased prices by 200%

"I have loved working with Vanessa. I wanted someone to understand my business and what needed to happen to move forward. She not only advised on next steps but she showed me the behind the scenes of her business and the tech setup. It is a wonderful asset to have. I have been able to tap into an incredible community of women who support me every step of the way. If you have felt stuck then she is someone that will move you forward. Everything she does is of high quality and it was the best decision investing in her + FBA. . " 

- Tisha, Business Coach
  • Powerful implementation strategies so that you get things done and STOP procrastinating
  •  Upleveling your business to 5 figure+ months and having a FULL roster of ideal clients who don’t think twice about paying what you’re worth
  •  Taking the guesswork and wasted time out of the equation through cheatsheets and fill in the blank email templates. 
  •  High-level, customized support so you can get clarity on your message, mission and premium programs (that sell like hot cakes) 
  •  A unique sales and marketing strategy that is in alignment with you so that you feel excited and empowered 
  •  Becoming the confident, dynamic, highly-productive leader that you know you are—in your biz and life.
  •  Accountability throughout the program so that you get that “to do” list done without feeling overwhelmed
  •  Having it ALL (the business, body, relationship and life) because you were not born to be mediocre. You've been dulling your SPARKLE for way too long. You will learn to own it and GET it. 
  •  How to overcome self sabotage and get more done with way more FUN 

Group program sold out and  $10k launch 

"It has been incredible working with Vanessa in Supercharge. I had done courses before but wasn't seeing the results I wanted. In the first month, I launched and signed on 3 people  in my group launch and 1 1:1 pay in full client." 

- Esther, Business Coach 
Consistent clients + Clarity

" I was so nervous about setting up my business and had a lot of fears around judgement and failure. Vanessa has been the breakthrough I needed to make my business idea a reality. She has great energy and incredible intuition. She has helped me to recognise my blocks and find ways to overcome them. Vanessa has created a wealth of information in her  Academy education packs.  I know they will continue to be a major help long after the group course has  finished.  The workbooks are thought provoking,  practical and really helps you develop your ideas. I couldn't recommend her highly enough" 

-Vanessa, Physio + Back Pain Coach
Sold out group program + people on the waitlist 

"I had no idea about setting up a business or how to sell effectively. It has been such an eye opener to me and opened my eyes to what I can achieve. I had mindset and money blocks but have successfully overcome then. I can't thank Vanessa enough. My life has changed. I have become empowered and strong, she has made me believe in myself. The information is top quality and is extremely beneficial.I can't recommend Vanessa enough. I am so grateful I invested. " 

- Bernadette, Health Coach
Launched group program, $5K month + full time in business 

"Vanessa is passionate about what she does but also passionate about what I do. Since working with Vanessa I sold out my sugar detox course and have people on my waitlist for the next round. I found so many excuses before FBA as to why I shouldn't launch this program. I have also set up a group program and successfully filled this. I used to be scared of the Tech setup in my business, but now with the help of the program I am seen by others as a tech wizz. The great thing about Vanessa is she sees your blindspots and ensures you move forward in-spite of fears. If you want a passionate business coach to help you move forward in your business contatct Vanessa. She has been the best investment I have made in my business " 

- Claire, Personal Trainer + Health Coach
  •  If you are not willing to invest time, money and energy into creating a business you love
  •  If you don’t want to be fully engaged and take massive action
  •  If you are not ready to step out of your comfort zone and make mistakes (that is where REAL growth happens)
  •  You are not willing to change the way you are currently doing things and are happy with mediocre results

Confident + Booking clients

"I have been meeting with potential clients all day. I had a discovery call which turned into a booking. I then had a meeting with a local gym. I feel so amazing, crying tears of joy. I genuinely would not have been able to sit at a boardroom table with two businessmen I hold in high regard and have them speak to me like a peer and expert in my field before starting FBA. So no matter what happens..I feel like a winner. Thank you so much for everything you have helped me with. " 

- Lisandra, Branding + Marketing Strategist
Clarity, refined niche and booking consistent clients

"I had been struggling in my business for a while . Vanessa has done wonders for my business and for my life. I feel confident and have overcome a number of money and mindset blocks. The best thing I have done for my business this far has been to work with her. Vanessa and the women in the program kept me motivated when I wanted to give up, pulled me out of black holes after I repeatedly jumped in and helped me find the confidence I needed in myself to be the business owner I want to be. I'm so grateful for my FBA family and all of the amazing business tools that I learned. She helped me uncover that my passion was skin health. I'm eternally grateful to Vanessa for holding space for me to find myself and for the unconditional support she gave me so I could get out of my own way and step into the woman I am today. The community is supportive, encouraging and uplifting. It is an amazing group to be apart of " 

- Lisa Marie, Transformational Health Coach 
$8,500 in Less Than 7 weeks

"I had made very little in my business for a year prior to working with Vanessa. I was sceptical about signing on with her at first as I had invested in a number of courses. There have been huge shifts in my life + business in a very short space of time. Within 6 days of our first session I signed my first high end client at $4,000. I have seen incredible shifts in my mindset and wealth consciousness. I am magnetic to opportunity and people are now buying my online programs without promoting them. I have new speaking engagements, launched a group program and upleveled my brand. I made $8,500 in less than 7 weeks of working with Vanessa. A lot has changed and I know this is just the start!"

- Rebecca, Career Success Coach
$3500k client booked and filled group program

"I came to Vanessa at the beginning of my journey. I am a top closer in the personal development space but wanted to take my coaching business online. Within a month I booked a $3500 client and filled my group program"

- Debb, Sales Coach 
By now you know the power of investing in yourself and getting high level support. You also know that you can't expect others to invest in you if you're not prepared to do it. 

Hi, I’m Vanessa, I am a no BS, action focused Business coach for heart centred woman on a mission to make an incredible income and impact doing what they love. 

My clients create a powerful , unwavering belief system so that they understand that anything is possible. They are encouraged to dream BIG and live their live in joy + flow.  

I have used these same strategies + mindset tools in my business to go from zero to multiple 6 figures (and have a $137k launch after 18 months in my business)

I did it my way without a huge ad spend, a massive email list or the "right" connections. I have created amazing relationships, shared my message and mastered my beliefs and money mindset. 

Since starting my business, I have coached hundreds of woman on the mindset, strategy and belief system required to build successful businesses. I work with woman from around the world supporting them with their online service based businesses.  

My story is not an anomaly. It can be yours too. 
The 6 month Mastermind with 1:1 coaching includes:
*Due to the high level of support + accountability spaces are limited*
Business Reviews + Tech Support

 Full review of landing pages, Facebook ads, videos and sales copy

Unlimited email and voxer support throughout our time together

Private Coaching Sessions

Personalised 1:1 calls with me and 15 min SOS calls if you are attending all of the group sessions but need some additional mindset support
Mastermind Calls
2 Monthly Intimate Mastermind calls with other like minded ladies - these are intimate and done via video to build a deeper connection

Monthly guest expert training with industry leaders

Weekly live trainings and Q&A so that you are kept up to date with any changes and anything I learn from my multi million dollar mentor

Monthly challenges 
Community & Support
 Access to a private intimate Facebook community of likeminded women to bounce ideas off of, inspire you, and support you.

High Value Trainings
Monthly guest expert masterclasses

A clarity-inducing welcome packet to ensure that we spend our time together working on precisely what you want to achieve.

"Done for You" Resources
Access to ‘done for you’ resources - email templates, launch planners, landing pages, sales funnels, mind maps and cheatsheets

Tech zone so you can effortlessly navigate multiple platforms
And now, the content (yes you will get all that) *Please note that you will already be making some money in your business so you will start making MORE in the first weeks - have a look at the testimonials*


• Let go of any fears & self – limiting beliefs holding you back from speaking your truth and owning your worth
• Becoming magnetic to opportunity and possibility
• Putting the right tools and strategies in place to manage self doubt so that you can get visible and get PAID

• How to be a powerful money manager and shift into the frequency of a 6 figure business owner so that you can charge premium prices with ease
• Templates and spreadsheets for managing your money effectively 
• Overcome any negative beliefs around money so you open yourself up to receive 
• Mindset practices to uplevel your money making powers
• Increasing your abundance and creating true alignment with your prices + offers 
• Increasing your ENERGY, VIBRATION and EXPECTATION so you effortlessly attract wealth + abundance into your life 

• Learn how to manage your time effectively and put the right framework in place for success
• Ensure you set and achieve the goals you want so you are always on track
• Get access to my "Focus Formula" that has helped me stay on track for success

BONUS: Money management tool, money affirmations and my personal reading list that has helped me uplevel with ease

Guest Expert: 

Amber Dugger - Money Mindset and 
Profit First Professional


• Having a magnetic message that gets clients reaching out to YOU with ease 
• Refining your target market and your message
• Identifying your USP so that there is NO competition. 
• What really makes you stand out online (without a website, glossy photoshoot or anything else *you've been told to do*)

• Identifying what you desire to achieve and create in the world and feeling so aligned with this so that you can't wait to shout it out and SELL 
• Fully understand your WHY and your purpose  + destiny  

• How to overcome fears of getting visible so your ideal client can find you
• The number ONE reason why ladies struggle to get visible (and how you can overcome it)

BONUS: Your personal sales copy cheatsheet by guest expert Lyndsay Rush and a cheatsheet that can be used for all your sales copy or Facebook lives

Guest Expert: 

Lyndsay Rush - Copywriting



• Getting your low to high end offers out into the world in a BIG way 
  • Launch pack - launch planner, email templates, high converting Facebook ads, social media posts, webinar blueprint, challenges, email templates and strategy
  •  Evergreen model - how to enrol people into your programs on an ongoing basis for a consistent flow of income

• Get my 4 step formula I use to stay out of feeling overwhelmed when launching and stay in alignment
• The alignment and ENERGY required to sell your offers 
• Everything I have used to have a successful $137k launch 
• The exact sales script I use to close 5 figure offers 

• How to do a Facebook live the right way for more clients, cash and impact.
• My strategy for boosting Facebook lives and the target audiences you can use to get your message out in a bigger way 

BONUS: 2 hour sales role play session with Debb Cobb, top closer in the personal development space, launch planner, Facebook live guest expert training with Emma Tynan (these trainings are priceless) 

Guest Expert: 

Debb Cobb: Sales Coach 

Guest Expert: 

Sam Gioia: Creating Video for your Business

Guest Expert: 

Emily Hirsch – Facebook ads

Guest Expert: 

Heather Parks – Leadership Training 


• Learn how to set up automation in your business so you can have more flexibility to do what you love

• Learn how to create desirable opt – ins that your ideal clients can’t resist
• Grow your list consistently with new leads so that you always have a consistent flow of ideal clients
• Develop a community filled with dedicated clients who can’t wait to work with you
• Set up systems so that you can build your list while you sleep
• Attract clients to you from all around the globe

BONUS: Tech zone with step by step videos to navigate multiple platforms, landing page templates, thank you page templates and sales funnel "plug and play" templates

•  Get access to my top Facebook strategies for high conversion rates that turn into paying clients.
•  My effective strategy for using boosted posts, Instagram stories and retargeted ads 
•  Know what metrics to pay attention to in order to continuously improve your ads

• How to effectively use Instagram + Facebook to make money in your business (not just likes and comments) 
• How to use Facebook Live the right way to get sales 
• Using Facebook groups and your own community to build the know, like and trust factor effortlessly
 •Use the right marketing strategies for you to easily connect with your ideal client

• How to write sales emails that engage your audience + convert
• My swipe file of my highest converting emails that you can use in your business

BONUS: Content planner to keep you focused and out of feeling overwhelmed

Guest Expert: 

Emma Tynan - Facebook Live + Visibility 

Guest Expert: 

Wendy Porter - Instagram Marketer

Guest Expert: 

Alex Tooby - Instagram Marketer

Guest Expert: 

Gwendolyn Gay - YouTube Expert 


• How to build your team and outsource effectively (without wasting time or money)
• Creating effective boundaries so that you are able to serve at your highest level
• The Art of Self - Leadership and stepping into the powerful women that you are so that you feel good and get GREAT results with your clients

• How to build a loyal community of people that can’t wait to buy from you
• How to build your Private Facebook group + ensure engagement
• How to run effective CHALLENGES that keep your community engaged and ready to buy 

• How to effectively pitch to the media
• How to get yourself in front of journalists and find the relevant contacts 
Guest expert: 

Suzie Bartle - Publicist
Getting in the Media
NOTE: Superchargers get to request any additional guest experts. So anything not here will be covered by them. 

"My business has completely transformed since working with Vanessa. It has gone from "floundering" to flourishing. I have all the right systems + structures in place and I am booking consistent clients. I went from struggling to get clients to selling out my group program and making $24K in one month! What sets her apart is she really cares about her clients, gives as much value as possible and is willing to share EVERYTHING she knows about building a successful online business. I couldn't recommend her highly enough"

Clarity + Business Coach, Amanda Davies
You receive instant access to 4 of my most popular programs (as well as anything else I launch in the 6 months together)

You will receive all the marketing strategies and tools to scale your business to multiple 6 figures. 

>> How to grow your list and community with paid + unpaid traffic
>> How to utilise your warm audience for sales
>> How to turn leads into sales within less than 24 hours 
>> Webinar slides that convert and email sequences you can use immediately in your own business
>> How to convert your sales calls with ease 
>> How to launch with ease 
>> How to use email marketing to convert leads into sales 


**  6 Month Access to SUPERCHARGE YOUR SUCCESS **

>> Access to 4 monthly intimate Mastermind calls ($10,000+)
>> Access to All of my programs and anything I create in the next 6 months ($8,000+)
>> Weekly live trainings on the mindset +  strategy required to catapult your success ($3,000)
>> Monthly live expert trainings and in house Facebook ads expert ($2000)
>Access to all the resources, cheatsheets and contacts I have used to create my business and invested over $163k to obtain (priceless)
>> Access to a VIP in person event ($2,000)

Total Value: $25,000
Total Investment: A LOT LESS 
So consider this your wake up call to grab that dream life by the horns and make it happen. Because no one can do it for you but you. And if you ask me? It’s about time you got out of your own way. (I’ll help.)

  • 1 x 60 minute deep dive intensive sessions with me (paid in full only)
  • Monthly guest experts - Sales, Facebook live, Monitising your Facebook group (and more)
  • Support from my copy expert and FB ads expert
  • A group of women that are doing BIG things in the world who lift you up
  • 2 x Intimate  Monthly Mastermind calls (limited to 7 people) for high level support
  • All the tools, cheatsheets and templates I have used in my business to hit multiple 6 figures
  • Monthly challenges to get you to step out of your comfort zone
  • 15 min SOS calls if you are attending all group calls and need additional mindset support 


  • Monthly (6) 60 minute deep dive intensive sessions with me
  • Full review of anything you create + UNLIMITED VOXER support for daily alignment and loving smackdowns (where needed)
  • Monthly guest experts - Sales, Facebook live, Monitising your Facebook group (and more)
  • Support from my copy expert and tech expert 
  • A group of women that are doing BIG things in the world who lift you up
  • 2 x Intimate  Monthly Mastermind calls (limited to 7 people) for high level support
  • All the tools, cheatsheets and templates I have used in my business to hit multiple 6 figures
  • Monthly challenges to get you to step out of your comfort zone
  • 15 min SOS calls where needed if you are attending calls + having monthly sessions + need additional support

So how about:

-making REAL money from AMAZING clients

-living life on your own terms at last

-standing out in the sea of sameness, and making a real impact on your life and the world
This is your sign to look fear of failure in the eye. Because you have a lot of incredible work to do, and a lot of money to make.

And it’s about time you got going. 

Let’s make your idea thrive. Let’s make the struggle for clients and clarity and profit a thing of the past.

 Let’s do this.
2017 Copyright Vanessa Hallick. All rights reserved.