Quit her 9-5 and $19,200 in 9 days

"When I started working with Vanessa I didn't know what business I wanted. In a short space of time she guided me to where I am today. The tools and content available are incredible. She is really strong with helping you change your belief system. I filled my group program without a sales funnel or website and had a $8200 weekend. I now have the systems and structures for consistent 5 figure months. If you are sitting stuck and want to create your own business she will be able to help you to get to a place where you are happy and have your own freedom based business. I can't recommend Vanessa highly enough."

- Melodi, Marketing + Branding Strategist 
$188 to $8K in FIRST month of Supercharge 
"I prepared a launch, ebook and program and I put so much energy into it but it didn’t go anywhere near the income goal I set. I felt like I was banging my head against the wall. I kept getting Vanessa’s emails and didn’t book a call for about a year. Within our first call things shifted, I changed my niche and now work with entrepreneurs to help them with their finances and taxes.  In February my net income was over $8K. Make an investment and get it back in ONE month (and then some) of a 6 month program. I am in the financial game and that is a pretty good return. Join the club because we are making moves!"

Brittney, Accountant + Financial Strategist 
5 High end clients in 8 days + quit her 9-5

" My business has sky rocketed  and allowed me to do what I wanted full time. I never thought this was possible for me. I didn't really have the self belief and money mindset which was really holding back. It felt like I was driving a car with a handbrake on. Vanessa is amazing at helping you shift things quickly and move you forward. I doubled the size of my mailing list in 4 days and got 5 high end clients in December, a month that I thought would be quiet. If you are looking to take your business to the next level I can't recommend Vanessa highly enough. She goes above and beyond. As a result so can your business."

- Emma, Bridal Body Coach
$30k week, 6 figure year, quit her 9-5 and increased prices by 800%

"I had been building my business for a few years but I was struggling to get paying clients and charge enough so that I could go full time. I was afraid to get visible and get on video. I was passionate and loved coaching but I didn't have the strategy or confidence at the time to move forward. Vanessa was instrumental in every aspect of my success. Since working with her my rates have increased, the discovery sessions I offer are filled every week, my 1:1 coaching is fully booked and I have an incredible group program. I have consistent clients and money in my business as well as the freedom and flexibility to live life on my terms. Investing in working with Vanessa has been the BEST investment in my business. " 

- Tanya, Transformational Business Coach 
From charging $500 to $10k and $15k in THREE DAYS

"I am so thankful for joining the SuperCharge Mastermind. In 6-months I’ve grown so much and as a result my business has grown. I have had 2 launches during the program that sold out before the cart doors closed. I made $15k in 3-Days while traveling for work with such ease and zero tech. I consistently made 4 to 5 figure months and I met a community of like minded women that I am grateful to call friends. It was an incredible experience working with Vanessa."

From charging $20/hour to selling a $15k program in less than 30 days

"I stepped into my goddess power and finally understand my unique gifts. Vanessa is the most incredible spiritual healer. I was so confident and feel amazing. I overcame fears around abundance and made back the 5 figure investment in less than 30 days. I am so open and I have an unwavering belief in my potential. She has nurtured this intuitive channel to connect to my intuition. She has saved my life and is saving the lives of more woman. Vanessa, you're amazing and you're a lightworker. I am so grateful" 
Consistent $15k months

"Before I started working with Vanessa I had invested in other programs but I was not moving forward. Within months of working with Vanessa I had clarity on my soul's calling, I was booking 1:1 clients and I sold out my group program in a couple of weeks. The ladies in Supercharge Your Success have been an incredible support on this journey. I am grateful for the support."

Clients Reaching Out With Ease

"After the first session with Vanessa I felt like a new woman. Like a massive weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Out of the blue I had one woman contact me and someone else tagged me in a post referring me. So excited! Thank you Vanessa." 
$12K week + quit her 9-5

"I had been working with major organisations implementing marketing strategies successfully but when it came to my own business I was struggling to move forward. I had been stuck for 2 years. Investing in coaching with Vanessa was the best decision I have made. I was excited and terrified at the same time. I made more progress in weeks of working with her. Do it scared - I was petrified. Fear is completely normal and you have to take action to move forward. The only thing I would have done is made the decision a lot sooner. I have achieved so much. Quit my 9-5, launched multiple price point packages, found my ideal clients, I have done challenges and Facebook lives. I was scared of putting myself out there and now have an incredible community. Do it scared - it will be the best decision you make in your business too " 

- Kathryn,  Marketing Strategist  
$5K week, $15K made in first 5 weeks and quit my 9-5

"I had a lot set up in my business and had done a few courses but I wasn't moving forward in my business. So much has shifted with my mindset and belief. I celebrated a $5K week without a huge following or list. It has been an incredible experience working with Vanessa and a powerful investment in my business and life " 

- Ashley, Business Success Coach
$24k week, 6 figure year, quit her 9-5 and group program launched

"What really sets Vanessa a part is her genoristy and she really cares about you and your business. She holds you accountable. My business went from floundering to flourishing. I have all the systems, tools and structures to be successful. I get consistent discovery calls booked and have consistent clients. She is a phenomonal mindset coach. She is incredible at reminding me about my money and success mindset. This has created a huge turning point in my business. If you are on the fence about joining her programs - go for it. Recognise that this is not only an investment in your business but in your life. I now have consistent 5 figures months, an incredible community of potential clients and my prices have increased by 300% " 

- Amanda, Business & Leadership Coach

$24k in 48 hours

 " I've honestly never had anyone really have my back like Vanessa does. It's incredible to have someone believe in you when you falter. In my first month of Supercharge I hit $24k. The group is incredible and the ladies are achieving amazing things

- Emma, Visibility + Messaging Coach

$2400 day + consistent clients in my business

"I didn't know how to clarify my message and get my program out to the world. I love how clearly everything is outlined and the support is incredible. The weekly calls are very personalised. It has been shocking how quickly things have transformed. She does a lot of the mindset work and saw incredible shifts in a very short space of time. It has been amazing working with Vanessa and being apart of the community " 

- Robyn, Transformational Life Coach
Taken business to the next level

"I was stuck in a bit of rut in my business. We were seeking out women who were at a stage in business that we wanted to be and that is why we approached Vanessa. She helped us streamline our business and help implement a clear suite of programs. She has helped take us out of our comfort zone to a place where it was a bit scary so that we can evolve and grow. She has certainly stretched us which has beee uncomfortable but it has forced us to do things that we were avoiding. I now enjoy going into the office instead of feeling overwhelmed. She has been motivating and supportive and worth every penny of the investment " 

- Amy, Marketing + Small Business Strategist
Clarity + confidence 

"It has been an amazing experience working with Vanessa. The most powerful shift for me has been around confidence and self-belief. I started out with a real fear of being visible, I’d been holding myself back, comparing myself to others and just doubting whether I could do it.

Now I’m regularly doing facebook lives and videos, I’m really seeing the benefits and I’m so excited to take things to the next level this year. The guest experts have all been incredible but the sales training was outstanding, after two hours rather than being nervous about conducting sales calls and worrying about being salesy I had the confidence of Beyonce and was looking forward to it.

The done for you resources have been invaluable, along with all the tech training I’ve received and just being able to contact Vanessa for help when I get stuck has helped enormously. Last but most importantly the support from Vanessa and the other amazing women in the group is just priceless. They really helped me through some tough times and there was so much knowledge and skills in the group." 

- Carli, Nutritionist + Health Coach
$2,300 in 1,5 weeks 

"Before working with Vanessa I was struggling to make any money in my business. I couldn't believe how I was putting so much effort into NOTHING. Vanessa has helped me create a strategy to meet new clients, provided the support and accountability and helped me overcome some major blocks to my success. In ONE week, I made back my first payment of working with her. I then went on to launch my group program and within days I had 6 people sign up. I was so scared of investing but I am so glad I said "YES" to making it happen. " 

- Kenda, Metabolism and Weight loss coach
Vanessa was instrumental in every aspect of my success. Since working with Vanessa everything in my business had changed. My rates have increased by over 300%, the discovery sessions I offer get filled every week, my 1:1 is almost completely full, my email list has increased 800% , and I have people booked into my new group program. And that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what I’ve learned, how I’ve grown as a coach, or the confidence I’ve developed along the way. We would be here all day if I told you all the ways that Vanessa has changed me and my life.  

- Tanya
Ready to get the support you need to take your business to the next level? 
"My business has completely transformed since working with Vanessa. It has gone from "floundering" to flourishing. I have all the right systems + structures in place and I am booking consistent clients. I went from struggling to get clients to selling out my group program and making $24K in one month! What sets her apart is she really cares about her clients, gives as much value as possible and is willing to share EVERYTHING she knows about building a successful online business. I couldn't recommend her highly enough"

- Clarity + Business Coach, Amanda 
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